Health, Fitness, Passions, and the Digital World

Who are you? What are your passions? Hobbies? What do you want to do with your life? At 21 years (as of this month), I still cannot give a thorough answer to any of these questions. Truthfully, the answers seem to be continuously changing and probably will for the rest of my life.

Throughout my younger years, I always felt that I lacked passion. I was never crazy about a particular sport, hobby, or subject. I did soccer, dance, and orchestra as extracurricular activities but unlike some of my other classmates, never grew strongly passionate about any of those things. Moreover, when it came to academics, I never considered myself to be good in any one subject or felt that “spark” of interest that gets people excited about learning a certain thing. This remained a constant feeling even until college, where I declared undecided for the first two years.

My passion for exercise, health, and nutrition came without warning. Before I knew it, I was working out 5 times a week and eating spinach on the daily. These habits did not occur overnight, but once I was in the routine, there was not turning back. I was like a working machine that never wanted to stop.

Sophomore year of college, I discovered various YouTube channels, Instagram accounts, and Facebook pages all related to health and fitness. It fascinated me that I could gather so much information, motivation, and inspiration through the digital world with the simple touch of a button on my phone or computer. Social media had always enthralled me, but this time it was in a completely new way.

It is only until recently that I realized my interest in digital media actually sparked alongside my passion for fitness and nutrition. YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook seemed like the pathway to connect with those that had the same interests as I.

My free time now consists of obsessing over pictures of healthy recipes, workout videos, and fitness inspiration. I often find myself pondering about the many things that be created through the social media realm. I know that I am eager to create some form of online content but I am still in the process of discovering what that is.

After years of feeling apathetic, I now realize that a person is not limited to only one sole passion.  Rather, it is the multiple interests that one has which leads to overall career success. The only difficult part is figuring out how to combine those multiple passions, which is exactly where I am at this point in my life. I hope to combine my passion for food, health, and fitness with that of the digital/online world. Whether it be working for a food or fitness company that I love or even starting my own business of some sort, the possibilities are endless. As of now, I will work on expanding my knowledge about these said passions and digital media, patiently waiting for that “spark.”


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