Creating a Successful Instagram Presence: My Personal Steps and Tips


Instagram famous, Twitter famous, YouTube famous-these are all common terms we hear on a daily basis. Instead of simply being “famous,” there now exists a social media tie to the popularity of a person. One does not necessarily have to accomplish something out of the ordinary or exhibit great talent in order to captivate the eye of the media. Gaining fame can be achieved by the simply showcasing one’s passions, having a rich personality, and creating enticing content for the world to see.

Because of the ever expanding social media world, it has gotten a bit harder over the past few years to actually gain said popularity. There are now thousands of Instagram accounts, YouTube channels, and Facebook pages in the digital world. Those who started early have simply gotten a head start.

Personally, I have always dreamed of creating an Instagram account dedicated to either food, fitness, or a combination of both. I will admit that the one thing that has stopped me is knowing that there are hundreds of accounts with the same intentions. Nonetheless, I will not let that stop me. In order to keep myself accountable and actually go through with this, here are some of the steps that I will take in order to achieve this goal:

  1. Differentiate myself from others. Everyone has a personal style, brand and way of presenting themselves online. Before proceeding with my posts, I have to think to myself, “Who do I want to reach? What do I want my audience to look like? How do I want to present myself online? What will my content consist of?
  2. Dedicate time to create content and post regularly. Even if this means sacrificing other things that I regularly do, I will make sure to take time out of my day to do something I truly live and enjoy doing.
  3. Be patient. I think this may be the hardest one. It takes time to grown on the internet, and becoming dismayed is the last thing I want to do. A great deal of waiting and putting in equal effort into liking pictures on Instagram will go into this.

Getting over my limitations and fears is the one thing that I might struggle with. Some Instagram stars dedicate a great deal of time to what they do on the online world. I could argue that as a college student, I don’t have the time that thy do. However, I truly believe that if you really love something, you make time for it. Am I determined? Do I really want this? Yes, and YES.

There is not telling whether my account will gain popularity. I think a lot of people who are no Instagram famous did not initially expect to get “big.” If you focus on authenticity and getting your message across online the reward will come. Of course, there are people who have gotten away with

Recognition aside, I have to remember that I am doing this for myself.  First and foremost, I am going to think of this as a personal food and fitness diary where I can track my personal growth online. Some people write journals, others make videos, and people like me, make Instagram accounts. This platform is especially compelling to me because not only do you have the ability to create content, the creator is also able to connect with their audience through captions and comments. I only hope to be able to do the same.


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